- BURN MSPS5

Model : MSPS10
Size :3000 X 1500 X 1850 MM
Properties : 
It is controlled by micro computer.
Pass on incoming and outgoing work pieces through horizontal conveyer.
Blasting nozzles automatically move and independently controlled in term of nozzle movement.
It is able to blast onto surface of work piece both upper side and lower side.
There is sand quantity detection system to check whether there is sufficient amount of sand used in system or not.
Automatically check amount of dust and automatically examine efficiency of dust vacuuming system.
There is jet pulse system for automatic filter cleaning.
There is Separating system to separate dusts out of abrasive by cyclone technology.
The glass window is special designed to easily watch the blasting process and such a glass window is also easily changed with low cost.
The lamp of this machine is designed to easily changed.
There is preventing damage of electrical equipment.
Special accessory for prevent electrical shock.
Suitable for preparing and cleaning work pieces which are long shape.